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Mouhamed Abdulla, Ph.D.




DSP Notes

No. Title Document
01 LTI Systems + Fourier Series   
02 A Long Problem on Fourier Series
03 Problems on Discrete Time Fourier Transform (DT-FT)
04 Problems on Continuous Time Fourier Transform (CT-FT)
05 Multiple LTI Systems



Math Notes
No. Title Document
01 1st order O.D.E. using Appropriate Substitution  
02 Finding the Domain of a Natural Log Expression
03 Plotting a Rational Function
04 De Moivre's Theorem
05 Long Division & Synthetic Division
06 Roots (or Zeros) of a Complex Number
07 Finding Analytically the Zeros of a Polynomial:

                         a) - Descartes' Rule of Signs (D.R.S.)

                         b) - Rational Root Test (R.R.T.) or Rational Zero Theorem

                         c) - Merging D.R.S. & R.R.T. for Root Finding


08 Proof by Induction
09 Linear Approximation and Differentials
10 Mean Value Theorem (M.V.T.)
11 An Elaborate Approach for Analytical Plotting
12 Simple Geometrical Calculus
13 Basic Factoring of Polynomials
14 Distance Equation
15 Perpendicular Lines
16 Circular Geometry




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