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Mouhamed Abdulla, Ph.D.

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Oct.06.2014: Invited to serve as TPC for IEEE eQeSS'15 in Dubai, UAE.
Sep.28.2014: Invited by the EiC (Dr. Chonggang Wang) to join the Editorial Board of "Elsevier Digital Communications and Networks (DCN) Journal".
Sep.15-18.2014: Participated to the 6th IEEE Global Information Infrastructure and Networking Symposium (GIIS'14), here in the city at Pavillon Président-Kennedy of UQÀM. Also presented a paper on "Automatic Inhomogeneous Deployment". arXiv:1409.4016  pictures
Aug.21-25.2014: I was a Montreal delegate of "R7-Canada" to "IEEE Sections Congress 2014" in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is a very important triennial gathering of IEEE Leaders from around the globe where decision on the future objectives and trends of IEEE for the next 3yrs is voted upon (past events). pictures
May.14.2014: Launched a new page to keep track of "IEEE Treasury" activities: link
Jan.01.2014: I am no longer the Secretary of IEEE Montréal. The new Secretary is Prof. Frédéric Nabki (UQAM); thus all related matter should be emailed to him. I am currently the Treasurer of IEEE Montréal Section.

Oct.18-20.2013: Represented the IEEE Montréal Section at the IEEE Canada Board Meeting in Mississauga, ON.
Sep.22.2013: Minutes of "IEEE ExCom Meeting No.4" is ready.   link
Sep.20.2013: Minutes of "IEEE ExCom Meeting No.2" is ready.   link
Sep.18.2013: Minutes of "IEEE Board Meeting No.3" is ready.   link
Sep.11.2013: Minutes of "IEEE Board Meeting No.2" is ready.   link
Aug.02.2013: Minutes of "IEEE ExCom Meeting No.3" is ready.   link
Jun.18.2013: Presented a paper for CEEA at Poly and interacted with speakers from all major universities in Canada, and some from the US.
Jun.16.2013: Prepared some notes on DSP and solved interesting problems on the subject (overall: 79 pages). notes
May.28.2013: Was invited to attend the EIC Annual Gala. I had the pleasure to see some familiar faces, and also met leading figures. pictures
May.16.2013: Wrote a paper on the idea of "Engineering Design". arXiv:1305.4148 
Mar.30.2013: Prepared a research document on deployment algorithms that achieves "Spatial Inhomogeneity". arXiv:1304.3059
Jan.30.2013: Prepared a research document on the "Channel Behavior" over a hexagonal lattice among interconnected nodes. arXiv:1302.0891
Jan.01.2013: Appointed as Executive Committee Member of the IEEE Montréal Section. link

Nov.05.2012: Underwent a major 7hrs surgery; the recovery time was very long, and so I was MIA from any academic duties until mid Jan.2013.
Oct.30.2012: Fall Convocation at Place des Arts. (took some pictures, I will eventually post them!)
Sep.12.2012: Defended my dissertation! PhD thesis


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