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穆罕默德  艾度拉

(my name in Chinese Calligraphy J)


The thrill of an academic/professional way of life barely leaves time for anything outside of these responsibilities. Nonetheless, I have tried to bring balance to my lifestyle by attempting to spend time: training at the gym, reading non-fictional books (mostly biographies), but most importantly spending quality time with my nephew. Picture was taken on: Aug.29.2014 (he's almost 2yrs of age).

Bill Gates's Bookshelf

Big Fan of NDT (radio): Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate + Jim Al-Khalili (U. Surrey) + Lawrence Krauss (ASU) + Michio Kaku

Excellent Instructor: Prof. Walter Lewin (MIT) (go to: 57:13) +  also

I love this quote - it is a great summary of what we do in this business:

"...the thing that differentiates scientists is purely an artistic ability to discern what is a good idea, what is a beautiful idea, what is worth spending time on and most importantly, what is a problem that is sufficiently interesting, yet sufficiently difficult that it hasnít yet been solved, but the time for solving it has come now.Ē - Savas Dimopoulos


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